Chapter "M" Riding Dollars

All ACTIVE, UP-TO-DATE members of GWRRA, OH-M are eligible.
· Ride organizers receive $50.00 in M bucks when you organize a ride (On actual completion of ride) + mileage
· Riders 1.00 per mile
· Co riders, including sidecar riders 1.00 per mile
· Riders in Cars earn  0.50¢ per mile
· All participants will receive payment based on mileage rounded UP to the next whole dollar/mile.

Attendance at ANY M  meeting, breakfast, or function is eligible for a $20.00 /Per MEMBER/Spouse payment.
All M  bucks are transferable, but NOT replaceable.
· Ride organizer schedules ride (one week in advance to qualify)
o Ride must be organized, and placed on the official ride schedule (available on the WEBSITE) A MIMIMUM of ONE WEEK.  Spur of the moment rides will NOT count towards the program.  Notification of the CD counts as the start of the beginning of said week.  (example;  you have a Saturday  ride… you must notify the CD by  the previous Sunday
o NOTE: Previously sanctioned GWRRA rides (Buckeye Rally, Region “D”, and Wing-Ding automatically qualify.)
o Major STATE & or REGIONAL rallies from other districts are also eligible for the program regardless or whether they are listed on the Ride Schedule.
o Honda Homecoming does not qualify as eligible ride under these terms.  It must be a member planned ride.

· At the start of ride, the Ride Leader will reset his trip odometer to zero, AND note his odometer mileage on the ride sheet.
· In lieu of an actual Odometer setting the Ride captain may submit the route on Google maps, Mapquest, Rand McNally, or Garmin Mapsource
· If the Leader cannot attend the ride he may designate another leader in his place (This designated leader will receive the same $50.00 as the main ride leader.)
· THIS IS IMPORTANT…….The RIDE Leader MUST list on his ride form the NAMES of the riders /co-riders that participated AND the type of (car/bike) vehicle used.
· When the group arrives at the destination the organizer, will distribute the M Rider mileage Claim form to each couple/individual, and sign them, noting the type of vehicle, and the reading on his trip odometer.
· The riders/co-riders will submit the claim forms to the CD, the AD, or, Treasurer, for M buck payment.
o NOTE: all mileage will be verified by GPS positioning software (Garmin mapsource).  If mileage is not provided then Garmin Mapsource will be the final determination of mileage.
· Any disputes regarding mileage or payment will be settled by the CD, all decisions are final.
· Payment will be made at the next meeting after the completion of the scheduled ride, or in case the above individuals are temporarily out of “funds”, payment will be made as soon as possible.
· At least once a year, (typically multiple), the Chapter will hold a “chapter auction” or some other event, at that time you can use your H2 bucks to bid on these items. Participants are advised to bring their accumulated dollars to EVERY M function.

· If you are a current member in good standing with GWRRA, and recruit a NEW member to GWRRA (OH M as evidenced by a CURRENT GWRRA MEMBERSHIP CARD), you will receive a $200.00 H2 cash payment.
· All new members to GWRRA (OH M as evidenced by a CURRENT GWRRA MEMBERSHIP CARD) will receive a $100.00 M cash payment.

The CD reserves the right to discontinue program, or modify the rules and regulations, of this program at ANY time.